Including project updates from all over!
December, 2011

WBA Holiday Party This Saturday Night!

If you haven't responded to the evite for Jim and Rhonda Wolfe's Holiday Party, please do so today! We're looking forward to seeing you at Jim and Rhonda's home this Saturday evening, Dec. 3, at 6:30 p.m. You know this party will be more fun with you than without you, right?


Jim, Rhonda and their friends always put on a lovely party, so put on your holiday festive attire and join in on the fun! There'll be goodies to eat and a variety of moderate libations, and a tour of Jim's Coronado restoration project! 2705 Running Duke, Carrollton, 469-767-4911.

WBA Banquet Slated for January 14

Take a minute to flip your calendar to January 2012 and mark down Saturday, January 14 for the Annual WBA Installation Banquet at Canyon Creek Country Club in Richardson. Newly elected president David Kanally and


vice-president Troy Marshall will be installed. Tommy Holmes, President of the Century Boat Club and all-around informative and entertaining guy, has agreed to be our speaker. You won't want to miss this one!

Denise Hickey Makes Guest Night Memorable

Denise Hickey, Public Relations Coordinator of the North Texas Municipal Water District presented insightful details of our state's current drought conditions, water supplies, the invasive species, "zebra mussel", and raw water supply strategies. Her presentation was the highlight of our Club's annual Guest Night at the November meeting at the Midway Point.

The NTMWD is responsible for both drinking water and waste water over a vast area of North Texas.

Denise is an accomplished and knowledgeable speaker, presenting a compelling case for water conservation and future water supply and treatment investments required to support population growth in North Texas.

Members and guests alike left with a much deeper understanding of the challenges posed by the current and projected drought conditions in our area. Special thanks to Denise for taking time out of her busy schedule to be with us, and to John Parish for arranging her visit.

Restorations in Lucas, Carrollton Make Headway

Marc Hill has nearly completed the side planking on his '68 Chris-Craft Grand Prix (above left and right).

Mark Wilson isn't far behind with his Grand Prix, with its completed bottom and partially planked sides (above). Our reporter did note a bit of dust on the boat, though, Mark.

And over in the Century department in Carrollton, WBA President Jim Wolfe has taken a break from remodeling his house to actually make visible progress on his Coronado (above, left and right).


Carefully positioned bungs fill each of the hundreds of countersunk screw holes in the hull.

Above, Mark uses an old plank as a pattern on the new mahogany blank, to assure tight seams and accurate restoration.

New frames glisten with CPES and support fresh mahogany planking on the sides. The noble craft should be ready for the 2012 Ride 'n Show according to the industrious and capable Jim Wolfe. Ya think the hemi will make it go?

'Tis the Season for Celebrations: Next Monthly Meeting Feb. 16, 2012!

This is a joyous time of year for our monthly meetings in December and January, just a great holiday party on Dec. 3 and the annual banquet on Jan. 14. Join us at the Midway Point on Thursday, February 16th for the next monthly meeting of the WBA. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 16th at the Midway Point at LBJ and Midway Road.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation at 5:30 p.m. at the Midway Point prior to the meeting.

Shop Talk and Musings:

You all remember the restoration that Lew White and Bob Adair did on Lew's pretty little '56 Willis Runabout earlier this year. Well, part of that resto was a major rebuild of the '56 Johnson 35 hp outboard that came with the boat. WBA member and Antique Outboard Motor Club Texas president Chip Rathbun did that major piece of mechanical and cosmetic work. Chip was on hand this past month to help Lew get the motor started. Lew fashioned a water tank from a 55-gallon drum to cool the motor, and Chip provided the fine tuning that brought the twin-cylinder Johnson to life. Can a trip to a nearby lake be far behind? Or is that little outboard just too pretty to get wet? Stay tuned. By the way, Lew is donating the drum to the Club, so if you need to test an outboard, you'll be able to do it right at the shop.

Rumor has it that Troy Marshall and Robin McGeorge have found their next project boat, but as of press time, their stalls at the Lucas shop are still boatless. Experience tells us that this void won't last long, so their next challenge should be coming along before too many Bilge Pumps go by.

And, finally:

Please take a look in the shed or garage for the leftover parts or other saleable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact Phil Wolff at for pickup. Mike Gomes did just this in November, and he feels great about the donations he's made to the Club. Thanks, Mike!!