Including an update from our Lucas Shop!
December, 2009

January 16 Banquet to be Black and White Affair

When the WBA celebrates its annual Installation Banquet at Canyon Creek Country Club on January 16, 2009, there'll be special twist this year!

Black and white will be the theme of the decorations, the tables, and, if you're game, the dress of the participants!

That's right, you're invited (but of course not required!) to wear black and white clothing to the banquet this year. Should be a fun addition to an already great event.

Tickets will be $30 per person.


WBA member and primo boat restorer Clay Thompson will provide the program this year. Given the quality, uniqueness and variety of Clay's restorations, you're sure to enjoy his presentation...even if you appreciate classic wooden boats only as works of art!

The festivities kick off at 6:30 p.m. with cocktails, 7:00 p.m. for dinner. Venue is the same as last year, Canyon Creek Country Club, 625 West Lookout Drive, Richardson, TX 75080. RSVP to this link.

It's all right here in black and white. See you there!

Holiday Party This Saturday

You should have received an email invite (or printed invite if you don't have a computer) to the annual WBA Holiday Party to be held at the home of Mildred and Bob Van Guilder this Saturday, December 5.


It's sure to be a great time. If you haven't received an invite, be sure to let Bob know.

You can reach him at 214-957-3692.


Guest Night Guesses Right on Original Wooden Boats

When presenter Mark Webster asked those in attendance at last month's WBA Guest Night meeting what the original wooden boats of North America were, the group guessed right: Canoes! Mark's presentation, based on a lovely book about the canoes and kayaks of the first North Americans focused on the various types of bark, dugout and hide-covered craft that allowed Native American and Inuit peoples to navigate the inland waterways of the North, getting from place to place and hunting and fishing as a means of livelihood. Thanks, Mark!!


Guest night was a rousing success with more than 30 members, boatresses, friends and significant others in attendance. The Midway Point assigned two of their best servers to the group, so the dining experience was in keeping with the quality of the evening. Let's do it again next year!

Lucas Shop to Prep Yellow Jackets for Dallas Winter Boat Show

As Troy and Robin move their Hacker into a smaller bay for varnishing, the larger shop bay that project has been filling will be taken up by one or two Yellow Jackets getting ready for a display at the upcoming Dallas Winter Boat Show.


Denison member Chuck Pool is making arrangements for his Yellow Jacket to move into the shop this week, and other Yellow Jackets may be in and out for spruce ups. Please let David Kanally know if you'd like to help on this project during the coming two months. 940-395-2742.

Lucas Update: Shine On!

Above: Robin and Troy apply Pettit sealer to the deck. The sealer gives a preview of the beautiful shine the Hacker will have once varnished. The guys will move the boat to the less-dusty stall next door for varnishing.

Below: Robin's first coat of sealer on the foredeck shows off the contrast between the Lyman Mahogany deck color and the Chris-Craft Dark Walnut trim and hull.

Troy Marshall's 1948 Hacker

Above: The boys work quickly since the sealer is fast drying. This is the first coat. They applied a second before they went home.

Below: Troy uses a foam brush to apply a nice thin and even coat of sealer to the Hacker's deck. He vows that the next time Bilge Pump reporters see the craft, it will be varnished with all the hardware on! Stay tuned.

Shop Talk and Musings:

It's been a good year for the Club--our activities have been many and varied. We had displays at the Dallas Boat Show, we participated in events at Eagle Mountain, Lake Joe Pool and Lake LBJ, we held our Ride 'n Show at Lake Lewisville, and we did our share of churning up the water! On the projects side, we all share pride in Troy and Robin's progress on the Hacker, but also can't forget brave souls Phil Wolff and Richard Haug whose projects are coming to life at a less hurried pace. Jerry Foltyn finished his Mercury this year, and Bill Baldwin made headway on his "don't get no respect" outboard. We were hosted at Ray Harvey's beautiful home, and were frequent guests at the home of First Lady Mildred and President Bob Van Guilder. We played well with our compatriots from the Southwest Chapter of ACBS and even got to put some boats on White Rock Lake. Yellow Jackets came into their own in the club this year, and we got to see the only known surviving Willis runabout. Not bad for a local club, eh?

Of course, we're known as the "hands-on" club, so we expect a few volunteers to join us in getting a Yellow Jacket or two in shape for the winter Dallas Boat Show. This will be a great opportunity to inhale some sawdust and varnish fumes without making an investment of anything but a bit of your time. The boat, materials, supplies and shop rental are all provided. All you have to do is show up. Most work days will be Saturdays in December and January. Call David Kanally at 940-395-2742 if you'd like to help.

Please take a look in the shed or garage for the leftover parts or other saleable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact David Kanally at for pickup.