Including Impressive Shop Progress Report!
October, 2011

Register Today for Hill Country Show, Oct. 7-9!

The Hill Country show gives North Texans a chance to see boats they usually don't see!

There's still time to register for the Austin Hill Country Boat Show to be held at Horseshoe Bay on Lake LBJ this coming weekend, October 7-9.

The show will bring together a highly diverse collection of antique and classic boats as well as some of the finest folks you'd ever want to meet.


The Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club is among the best venues in the state for a boat show.

Join several of your North Texas friends who have already registered for the event, and come on down to Lake LBJ for this show. Our good friends and fellow members from Austin and Houston support our shows faithfully. Now's our chance to return the favor.

Read more. To download the entry form, click here, and then click on the link "Entry Form" under Top Headlines.

Greg Story Speaks of Water, Weather

NOAA Hydrometeorologist Greg Story made an unprecedented third appearance at the WBA for a fascinating presentation on various aspects of Texas weather, climate and water levels. Of particular interest to the WBA members in attendance were the effects of El Niño (represented in graphic above), and La Niña on Texas


as well as Greg's work in monitoring the levels and flow rates of Texas' many rivers (monitoring points shown above). Greg invites all to check out the WGRFC website, and encourages weather enthusiasts to consider membership in the North Texas Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

Shop is Hoppin'

With their bottom work complete, Marc Hill (above left) and Mark Wilson (above right) are now carefully fitting side planks to their twin Chris-Craft Grand Prix. The process involves first rough cutting, then trial-fitting the planks to mark spots for further planing to assure a tight fit. Mark and Marc appear to be about 1/3 finished with their side planking at press time.


Robin McGeorge and Troy Marshall have turned their attention to a couple engines that have been languishing in the shop waiting for a boat to come along. Below left, Robin uses PB Blaster to persuade a broken stud to loosen on small Gray Marine flathead four. If that one is too small for you, how about the Chrysler Marine Hemi Robin is working on? (Below right).

Next Meeting is October 20th at Midway Point, Don't Miss It!

Join us at the Midway Point on Thursday, October 20th for the next monthly meeting of the WBA. We have a double program planned, so please arrive at 6:40 at the latest to take it all in! Frank Pillsbury will be reviewing the successes that the Bob Speltz Land-o-Lakes ACBS chapter has had at the Minneapolis Boat Show, and John Parish will be making an important presentation in preparation for November's meeting entitled, "Indoor Plumbing, Boating and other Fascinating Centennial Celebrations?" The meeting will begin at 6:40 p.m. on Thursday, October 20th at the Midway Point at LBJ and Midway Road.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation at 5:30 p.m. at the Midway Point prior to the meeting.

Shop Talk and Musings:

Boy, I tell ya, there's nothing like a thirty-degree drop in the outside temperature to bring the Lucas Shop back to life. I was out there on Saturday, October 1st, and heard planing. sawing, ratcheting and muttering just like old times. The record heat of the past few months had put a sweltering, sweating, swearing lull into the normal activity levels out there, but that's all behind us now. Pam Marshall had sent along some chocolate chip cookies with Troy, so we even had a treat to enjoy. Although Pam said the cookies had been in the oven too long, I didn't hear a peep out of the appreciative group at the shop. Besides Mark, Marc, Robin and Troy, I spotted one of the Wise Men from the East (Garland), Walter Hill, checking things out. I have no idea how much work Walter actually did, but his wisdom is always welcome. In case you're wondering, the other Wise Man from the East (Mesquite) is Charlie Bowser, whom you can meet when you come to a WBA meeting! I love the smell of sawdust in the morning. If you do, too, come out to the shop on a given Saturday and breathe some in.

And, finally:

Please take a look in the shed or garage for the leftover parts or other saleable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact Phil Wolff at for pickup.