Complete with a Project Update!

July, 2022
Lake Tyler Rendezvous Warm and Wonderful!

The east Texas Piney Woods shaded the shoreline at the Boulders at Lake Tyler for the WBA rendezvous on Saturday, June 25. Five boats and about 20 WBA members and friends made the trip. Host Bobby Peppard laid out the red carpet for the group, including lunch, refreshments and an air conditioned hospitality cabana! Many thanks, Bobby!

Above: (l-r) David Kanally's 16' Cowell King, Bill Mott's 14' Yellow Jacket Riviera and new member, Randy Reitman's 18' Cruisers V302 gleam in the Texas summer sun at the Breakers. Above, right: Scott Myers givs a cruise to Stratton Hibbs and UK guest, Hannah, in his Garwood Ensign. Right: Jim Donovan's XK22 explored both Lake Tyler and East Lake Tyler during the day.

Later in the day, Billy Hibbs welcomed the group to his home to see his stunning collection of cars and his Riva. Thank you Billy!!



Latest Activites and Earliest Days Featured at June Meeting



The WBA members in attendance at the June WBA meeting not only conducted the normal business of the club, but also saw a video update of the Heartland Classics ACBS chapter's Cruisin' Table Rock Lake event. Phil Wolff provided live commentary during the video. David Sheets had taken video at the event on his GoPro, and David Kanally edited the shots into a presentation for the meeting. You can view it here.

For the historical moment, one of our founding members, Lewis Lawson (seen at left chatting with Robin McGeorge), told the story of the first gathering of the club back in the late '80s, which was catalyzed by an ad the founders ran in the Dallas Morning News, which generated an attendance of 18 people at the very first meeting. You can read more on the early days of the club here.

Project Updates from the Lucas Shop!

(Above) Alan Oppenheimer rolls, while Carl Lapisk tips, under the light and watchful eye of Ann Hallam, applying the final coat of varnish to the deck of the Hallams' Trigger. Once the varnish cures, Bill Mott will work his buffing magic.

(Above) Eric Wueste (l) came in from his home near Conroe to learn to make a half seat spring for his fiberglass Yellow Jacket. The two-step process involves the epoxy lamination of 40 layers of birch veneer. Using the club's jig, Eric will make the remaining three springs he needs at home. Here, sufficient clamping pressure is being assured by Dennis Cheatham (r), who pitched in on the lamination process.

(Above) Lisa Lapiska came out early on a Monday morning to help husband Carl get the final coat of bottom paint on their '64 Chris-Craft Super Sport. Now on to the hull sides!


(Above) Robin McGeorge successfully replaces the sending unit on the gas tank for the Johnson 40hp outboard that powers the Hallams' other boat, a '58 Yellow Jacket Catalina. That motor is now up and running and the boat is lake ready.

(Above) The Trigger varnish crew packs up the lights and checks out the sheen on the boat's deck. There's no avoiding dust acclumulation at our shop, so we do a round of wet sanding and buffing to get rid of the pesky stuff.

(Above) Carl's meticulous approach to his work is on full display here, as the flourescent tubes of the shop's lights are perfectly reflected in the paint. Four coats of Interlux Brightside black created the sheen, over a two-part epoxy primer.

Carl has already stained and sealed the hull sides, so is now ready to move on to the varnishing stage. He's been honing his varnishing skills by helping out with the deck varnish on the Trigger. Now he's ready to varnish his boat.

Next WBA Monthly Meeting July 21at Two Guys!

boatOur next meeting will be Thursday, July 21, 2022, at 7 p.m. In-person meetings will continue as normal, so long as the Covid infection rates remain low. You'll receive an email reminder for the meeting a few days prior. We've acquired a camera and microphone for the club to provide a much better Zoom experience for those who cannot join in person. We'll be continuing our door prize tradition, giving out an e-book of the lucky winner's choice, or a complimentary design of a boat show placard.

If you can't join in person, you'll be using the Zoom application for your cell phone or your home computer. To make things easier at meeting time, it would be a good idea for you to go to your normal smart phone app store to download Zoom Cloud Meetings, or go to on your home computer and sign up. Prior to the meeting, you will be sent an email with a link to join the meeting, and further instructions. Those who wait to download Zoom will also receive a link to do that just before the meeting starts. If you are among those who need a few attempts to be successful with technology, you may want to get the downloading taken care of ahead of time.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with fellow WBA members and to talk shop on questions on everything from paint and varnish to carburetor kits. Please join us on Zoom to be a part of our monthly fellowship!

Shop Talk and Musings: The WBA as a Resource

Most of what happens at the Lucas Shop is learning by doing. Sure, we watch YouTube videos on various processes, read product instructions (sometimes), and receive professional instruction from people like Jay Emerson, but most of the skill building that happens at the shop is through practice. Whether it's varnishing techniques, motor repair, lamination techniques, steam bending, or other boat restoration skills, we are building a base of knowledge that has become a resource for our members. We help each other and we learn from each other. As a member of the WBA, you have access to this learning, either through your own particiapation at the shop, or through seeking advice from the shop crew on your project. We invite you to visit the shop or get in touch anytime you have a question or want to learn more about boat restoration.

And finally, please take a look in the shed or garage for leftover parts or other salable items you would like to donate to the Club. Contact David Kanally at for more info.