Complete with a Project Update from Robin's Nest!

June, 2024
Lake Travis Rendezvous June 22-23!

WBA member Cindy Chebultz has issued the following invitation to club members: "We are excited to invite you to a rendezvous, June 22-23, at Northshore Marina in the Hollows on Lake Travis. Unfortunately, due to low water levels, bringing a boat is complicated as the only public open ramp is about an hour away. Renting a house in Lago Vista, 10 minutes by car gives you access to the Lago Vista POA private ramps, one of which is still open. There are a few opportunities to stay on a boat at the marina, and several rental units on land are available in the Hollows (for example: Staying in these units gives you access to the Hollows Beach Club pools, bar, and restaurant. The lakeside restaurants are open, and we have a pontoon available for transportation. whether you're bringing a boat or not, we would still love for you to join us and enjoy the beautiful surroundings." If you can come, let Cindy know:, 512-905-6549. Watch Trey Bull's video of the 2021 gathering.



WBA Brings Home Trophies from Keels & Wheels!

(Above) Brian Fielder, Lindy Robinson, Alan Oppenheimer, Chris Sterlacci, Jay Emerson, Jim Donovan and Lisa Robinson pose with their trophies following the Keels & Wheels awards ceremony on Saturday afternoon, May 4, 2024. These and more WBA and SWACBS members also served as members of the event's hospitality, dock and launch crews.



(Above) Dave Parker receives his trophy at Keels & Wheels. The event featured both in-the-water and land shows. Saturday's weather was glorious; Sunday's not so much. See a video walkabout of the entire event here:

Wood Waves & Wheels a Real Success!

(Above) Kit Jacobson's Century Coronado leads a line of five fine Century boats on the docks of the Fort Worth Boat Club at this year's Wood Waves & Wheels show on May 11. Trey Bull and the other organizers of the event did a great job getting a rich variety of vintage boats, cars and motorcycles to the event.



(Above) The weather was ideal, allowing the crowds to peruse the docks and the lush lawn of the club, and view the beautiful cars and boats on display. The recently refurbished clubhouse served up a burger and brats buffet for exhibitors and attendees. Watch a video of the event here:

Members View Event Recap Videos at May Meeting



The regular monthly meeting of the WBA was held at Two Guys from Italy in Dallas on May 16, 2024. President Phil Brosseau led the attendees through a full agenda of activities and reports. The meeting was well attended, both in person and on Zoom.

Seen here in the photo at left are the Century Partners, who expressed their appreciation to the club by picking up the dinner tab for the group! They appreciate all the help and advice the club provided in the restoration of the Partners' Century Sabre, which won a Silver Trophy at Keels & Wheels.

The presentation was provided by David Kanally, who showed videos from both the Keels & Wheels show, and from the Wood Waves & Wheels show.

Project Updates from the Robin McGeorge Boat Shop and Beyond!

(Above) Joel Odom and Chris McKeehan get coat #5 onto the hull of the McKeehans' '59 Continental.

(Above) Carl Lapiska fabricated this lovely solid mahogany piece for the port side dash-to-gunwale return on his Super Sport.

(Above) Barney Gulley got coat #5 on his Yellow Jacket Riviera in his shop up in Texoma.

(Above) Ted Dysart is nearly finished with his Sabre. Here, he's attaching chrome trim to the transom.

(Above) Barney Gulley uses a heat gun to remove layers of peeling polyurethane and old varnish from the starboard side of the hull of Greg McIlvoy's Century Coronado. David Kanally follows up with 80 grit sandpaper on a pneumatic long board sander.


(Above) Jay Emerson hauled a big Chris-Craft 6-cylinder flathead to his shop in McAlester, OK, recently.

(Above) Carl fits a plywood pattern for the starboard side return before making the actual piece from mahogany. He finished the pattern on Thursday, May 30.

(Above) Barney has done a lovely job of restoring the Vollrath steering wheel for his Yellow Jacket.

(Above) Phil Brosseau got his Cavalier started on May 30! You can hear it run on the WBA Facebook page.

(Above) Meanwhile, on the port side, Joel Odom uses his heat gun and a scraper to remove the old finish from the Coronado. More scraping and sanding will be required in a second session before refinishing can begin. The team will also refinish the foredeck.

Next Monthly Meeting June 20, Featuring New Boat Construction Techniques!

boatOur next meeting will be Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 7 p.m. at Two Guys From Italy in Dallas. You'll receive an email reminder for the meeting a few days prior. We'll be continuing our door prize tradition, giving out an e-book, or print book of the lucky winner's choice, or a complimentary design of a boat show placard. Our presentation this month will be by Jay Emerson, who will present the innovative wooden boat construction techniques of the Cutts & Case Shipyard.

If you can't join in person, you'll be using the Zoom application for your cell phone or your home computer. To make things easier at meeting time, it would be a good idea for you to go to your normal smart phone app store to download Zoom Cloud Meetings, or go to on your home computer and sign up. Prior to the meeting, you will be sent an email with a link to join the meeting, and further instructions. Those who wait to download Zoom will also receive a link to do that just before the meeting starts. If you are among those who need a few attempts to be successful with technology, you may want to get the downloading taken care of ahead of time.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with fellow WBA members and to talk shop on questions on everything from paint and varnish to carburetor kits. Please join us on Zoom to be a part of our monthly fellowship!

Shop Talk and Musings: Welcoming McIlvoy's Coronado to the Shop!

On May 23, the Robin McGeorge Boat Shop welcomed its newest project, Greg McIlvoy's Century Coronado. The boat needs new paint and varnish, and the shop crew is already at work on stripping the old polyurethane from the hull. Greg lives in Oklahoma, and will be joining the crew whenever possible on Saturday mornings to advance the project. This is a great opportunity for you to practice your refinishing skills and learn new ones! Please let David Kanally know if you'd like to help on Greg's boat.

Ted Dysart is finishing up his Century Sabre, so that stall will soon be available for yet another project at the shop. The WBA truly is "The Hands-On Boat Club"!

And finally, please take a look in the shed or garage for leftover parts or other salable items you would like to donate to the Club. Contact David Kanally at for more info.