Including Project Progress Reports!
June, 2014

Summer Kickoff is Idyllic, Jazzy!

Ray and Carol Harvey sure know how to throw a party! WBA members, boatresses and significant others gathered at the Harveys' Dallas home on Friday evening, May 30 for an evening of Texas barbecue, live music by the Thom Brownlee Trio, and good old fashioned WBA fellowship.



The Harvey home has been recently enlarged and renovated to include an expansive kitchen (below) and numerous additions and upgrades to the landscaping. Special thanks to Ray and Carol, as well as to Bill Kimball and Gay Perry, for their organization of this superb gathering.

WBA Members Bring Home Keels & Wheels Awards!

Congratulations to the WBA members who won awards at the 2014 Keels & Wheels Concours d'Elegance in Seabrook, TX! Jim & Rhonda Wolfe (left) won both the Best of Class award in the Classic Utility Century category and a Corinthian Award for craftsmanship for their beautiful 1959 Century Coronado. Jim and Cindy Frechette won Silver in the Classic Utility Chris-Craft Category for their 1959 Chris Sportsman,


"Crazy 8's", David Parker brought home Best of Class for his '47 Gar Wood Ensign in the Classic Utility Other category (right: Dave's lovely first mate Belinda is receiving the award from Grand Marshall Wayne Carini and event co-chair Paul Merryman), and Robert and Donna Black won Silver in the Contemporary Outboard category for their 2005 Aristocraft Torpedo. Congrats to all! Special thanks, too, to the WBA Launch team for helping get all the boats in the water!

WBA Becomes More Water-Wise at May Meeting


Denise Hickey, Public Relations officer and educator extraordinaire of the North Texas Municipal Water District, gave an insightful and informative presentation on water conservation and management at the May 15th meeting of the WBA. Denise had some major updates to share since her last presentation to us in 2011, including the completion of a $300 million pipeline project bringing water directly from Lake Texoma to the metroplex, allowing for direct treatment and delivery of water into the District's system. The pipeline and attached treatment facilities will allow for filtering of zebra mussels and other invasive species. Denise also counseled the group on home watering techniques, and on how water in Texas is under state purview, with each water district having a "checking account" of acre feet of water for its use. Thanks, Denise, for a great presentation!

Projects Cookin' in Lucas and in Griffitts' Garage!

Above, Robin McGeorge and Troy Marshall apply copper bottom paint to their '36 Chris-Craft 19' runabout. A West System bottom job preceded the painting, and will provide a durable, no-soak bottom on the craft. Below, Dave Peiffer works his magic on the engine for the Chris, as Robin McGeorge mans the throttle. The engine ran well. You can see and hear it here!


Above, David Kanally has cut out and dry fit a new transom for his 1957 Cowell 16' outboard. The old transom was cracked in three places and has been held together with C clamps since the late 1980s. Below, Steve Griffitts has built, sanded, stained and sealed a new foredeck for his 1950 Thompson Deluxe cedar strip outboard. Steve reclaimed some old cover boards from his Chris for the job.

Next Regular Meeting June 19, 2014

Don't miss our next regular monthly meeting on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 7 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy at 11637 Webb Chapel Road, just south of Forest Road. WBA Treasurer and benefactor John Parish will be giving away one of his many boating and woodworking related books as a door prize.

WBA member and professional boat restorer Jay Emerson will give a program regarding his Emerson Bay Boat Works. As always, we'll have generous helpings of fellowship and Italian food. The meeting will be better if you are there, of course.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation at 5:30 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy prior to the meeting. We encourage you to join us for dinner, so we'll always have the required minimum number of diners to avoid a room charge.

Shop Talk and Musings

Now, normally, a 1953 M37 military 3/4 ton truck would not find its way into the Bilge Pump. But this is a special truck. WBA member Jim Donovan decided to sell his truck recently, and committed to the WBA that any amount over his reserve price would be donated to the shop fund to help with rent shortfalls. Well, he sold the M37 for a tidy $500 over the reserve price! Special thanks to Jim for his generosity...and also for coming up with a GREAT way to donate to the WBA! We understand there's at least one more donation in the wings, so our club is sure to remain financially healthy for some time to come. We've recently seen the delivery of two donated projects, Pic Cyr's Yellow Jacket and Dave Parker's canoe (which Dave donated in memory of Dick Peterson), now in their new homes with Pic in Louisiana and with Mike Gomes in North Carolina. Thanks to you all for your great support!

In other news, a delegation from the WBA, including Jim Wolfe, Gay Perry, Lisa Daniels, Patrice Mozelewski, and Steve Griffitts, visited Jay Emerson's shop at Lake Texoma on Saturday, May 31. Jay gave the group a fascinating presentation, including detailed reviews of seven different boats on which he is currently working. Then he treated everyone to a fantastic fried catfish lunch.

And, finally: Please take a look in the shed or garage for leftover parts or other salable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact David Kanally at for pickup.