Including Shop and Fleet News!
June, 2010

Summer Kickoff Warm and Wonderful

Friday night, May 28 was balmy and filled with fellowship at the lovely home of Ray and Carol Harvey, as members of the WBA gathered for the Summer Kickoff Party. Enjoying each other's company and a fine spread of cookout fare were:

Above: Marcia Lochner, Jim Donovan, Walter Hill, John and Sharon Briggs, Nancy Burton.

Below: Jim and Rhonda Wolfe, Richard Haug, Pam and Troy Marshall, Bill Kimball and sister Carole Hamilton, Cheryl Kanally.


Above: Lisa Daniels, Gay Perry, Peggy and Bob Cutler, Mark Webster and daughter Madi.

Below: As night fell, the gardens and pool of Harveys' home became an even more enchanting setting for a gathering that will be long remembered by all in attendance.

Special thanks to Ray and Carol for hosting the event, and to Bill Kimball for organizing the catering by Two Rows.

See a slideshow of the event.

Kimball Shares Thrills of Great American Race at May Meeting

WBA member Bill Kimball brought out the motorhead in us all with a personal account of the Great American Race, a major pre-war car rally based on the film The Great Race. Bill and his brother participated in the event on different occasions, so Bill could add his own memories to the '80s vintage video presentation he made to the club.


Bill's presentation was very well received by the group, and pointed out the common interest in vintage boats and cars that many of our members share.

Do you have an idea for a presentation that may be of interest to the club? The most important part of a presentation at a WBA meeting is that the topic is one that you enjoy talking about. Your enthusiasm for your subject will be contagious. If you'd like to make a presentation at an upcoming meeting, let Jim Wolfe know!

Wood, Waves and Wheels Show at Eagle Mountain a Success!

Hats off to our bretheren at the Eagle Mountain Classic Boat Club for another great WWW Show at the beautiful facilities of the Fort Worth Boat Club on Eagle Mountain Lake on Saturday, May 22.

A number of ABS members attended.


Troy Marshall did us all proud by taking home the Best of Show trophy for the '48 Hacker Triple restored by Troy and Robin McGeorge. (Photos by Jim Donovan who drove his lumbering Dodge military truck all the way to the show on back roads at 35 mph.)

Lucas: Troy & Robin's '39 Gar Wood Utility

Above: Classic gauges and shiny foredeck. The Gar Wood Utility is ready for a water test.

Can a launch be far away? Lookin' READY!

Above: Bearing the signature McGeorge/Marshall luster, the deck gleams with anticipation.

Mark Wilson's '68 CC Grand Prix:

Above: Mark Wilson's '68 Chris-Craft Grand Prix has additional planks removed, preparing frames for replacement batten sections and some new planks.

Marc Hill's '68 CC Grand Prix:

Above: Mark Hill has applied CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealant) to existing and fresh-cut frames and his '68 Chris-Craft Grand Prix continues its march toward restoration.

Next Meeting June 17th--Don't Miss It!

Join us at the Midway Point on Thursday, June 17th for the next monthly meeting of the WBA. Come out and see some people who look surprisingly good for their ages. We've been seeing some faces from the past as well as new members! The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 17th at the Midway Point at LBJ and Midway Road.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation at 5:30 p.m. at the Midway Point prior to the meeting.

Shop Talk and Musings:

Rare Yellow Jacket drawings donated by Bill Bauder, Architect

Last month, you read in this space about our fortuitous meeting at Keels & Wheels with Austin architect Bill Collins Bauder, who worked as a draftsman and designer at Yellow Jacket Boat Company in the '50s. Just this weekend, we received a donation of signed copies of eight of Bill's historic drawings, which are now in the possession of the club. This wonderful collection includes exploded views of the various Yellow Jacket models in 1954 and 1955 as well as some concept designs that Bill did for the company.

These drawings add important information to our body of knowledge about Yellow Jacket boats, and will become a permanent part of our website's Yellow Jacket pages.

Rare Willis Stock Utility Racer Joins WBA Fleet

Your editor had the pleasure of driving with Lew White and Bob Adair on a boat huntin' trip to Marble Falls last week. Before we knew it, Lew cut a deal, and there was an uber-rare 1956 Willis 14' double cockpit stock utility race boat hitched up to our swagger wagon (also known as a stretch crossover: we wouldn't be seen riding in a mini-van, after all), and we were heading north. The stylish treasure awaits restoration in Lew's garage in Plano. Congratulations, Lew on helping to preserve Dallas' boat building heritage! Read more about Willis Boat Works.

And, finally:

Please take a look in the shed or garage for the leftover parts or other saleable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact Phil Wolff at for pickup.