Including Special Shop Update!
May, 2008

Informal Outings to Supplement Season's Shows

In its regular monthly meeting on April 17, following a great suggestion by long-time member Jerry Foltyn, the WBA members in attendance agreed to stage informal, small boating outings during May, June and July to give members the opportunity to enjoy their hobby more frequently, in addition to the larger, more formal events scheduled later in the season. The idea is that three or four members would get together by phone and email, and agree to meet at an area lake for a day of classic boating. If you have a specific weekend and location that looks good to you, please let Mark Webster know. Mark has agreed to help in the coordination of these outings. To be clear, the initiative on setting up an outing is yours...Mark is facilitating the communication, but it's up to the membership to let him know which days and locations are best. Mark can be reached by email or at (214) 403-3851. Mark wants to know if something's happening!

Fumes, Dust and Shavings Mark Shop Progress

Since there was so much interest expressed in last month's shop update, we thought you'd like to know that both Troy and Richard have made marked progress on their during the past month.

Troy Marshall's 1948 22' Hacker Triple

Above: Completed chines are coaxed inward to join with the stem using a custom made clamp with two slotted wedges drawn together with nuts and washers on a length of threaded rod. Troy is seen in the background, fairing the keel with a hand plane.

If you missed the April meeting, you may not be able to fully appreciate where Troy's project began and how far it's come. Suffice it to say that virtually every piece of wood in the boat is new, and the hours required for restoration are into the zillions.

Since last update, Troy and Robin McGeorge have accomplished a major task...bending the chines into place. The job involved a great deal of learning by doing, including remaking the scarf joint in the middle of the 22+ foot chine after steaming degraded the epoxy, and finding that soaking worked better than steaming for making the chine bend around the bodacious curve from the forward frame to the stem. Robin and Troy devised a custom clamp to draw the chines together, and are now working on the rabbet joint in the keel and stem to acccommodate the planking.

Right: Robin marks the line for the rabbet on the keel to accommodate bottom planking, while Troy adjusts his plane to continue fairing the keel. These two intrepid WBA restoration gurus fear only fear itself.

Above: Looking might stout with all its fresh frames, keel, stem and chines, Troy's Hacker receives some TLC from Troy and his plane.

Richard Haug's 1962 19' Shepard Runabout

Above: Blue masking tape will create a nice true edge between the copper bottom paint and the varnished mahogany topsides of Richard's Shepard. Richard has now moved his boat out of the large shop bay into his nearby storage unit where his work will continue.

Above: From the bow, the Shepard's deep hull and sturdy construction can be fully appreciated. Richard says there are only a couple planks to be replaced; otherwise, the work ahead, for the topsides is mostly sanding and varnishing. Then, on to the deck!

Marshall, McGeorge Recount Minnesota Fact Finding Trip at April Meeting

At first skeptical about why anyone would go to Minnetonka, Minnesota in the wintertime, WBA members quickly understood why Troy Marshall and Robin McGeorge made the northerly journey earlier this year. The pair's presentation at the April 17th meeting showed important reference photos from the 22' Hacker being restored by Minnesotan Steve Shoop. Steve is about four months ahead of Troy and Robin in his restoration, so he had already learned a number of lessons and figured out some key things that Troy and Robin needed to know about Troy's Hacker. Steve had also been of immeasurable help by lending Troy the forward chine pieces and by laminating a stem piece for Troy's boat. But the chance to see Steve's boat first-hand really completed the picture for Robin and Troy.

In addition, they visited the well-known restoration business of Todd Warner, Mahogany Bay. The Texas boys received a warm welcome from Todd, including a whirlwind tour of several warehouses and shops chock full of unique antique and classic boats and engines either owned or cared for by Todd and his team. Todd and Robin returned to Texas with new knowledge, and with a sense of awe at some of the boats...and the craftsmanship dedicated to their care...even in the depth of the Minnesota winter.

Al Kroemer to Present Lubrication and Fuels for Classics at May 15 Meeting

Don't miss our next meeting on May 15th at the Midway Point restaurant at 635 LBJ and Midway. We'll begin the meeting promptly at 7. WBA member and vintage car buff Al Kroemer will share important information on the oils, greases and fuels that our classic powerplants require. Did you know that some additives in modern lubricants can damage vintage metals? Or that ethanol can raise problems with older fuel lines and fittings? Be sure you're giving your engine what it needs. Come to the WBA gathering on May 15! Our meetings also give everyone an opportunity to give input regarding the activities of the Club, and to enjoy fellowship with other members.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation prior to the meeting. We'll gather at Midway Point at 5:30. See you there!

Please take a look in the shed or garage for the leftover parts or other saleable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact David Kanally at for pickup.