Including Restoration Updates!
April, 2014

Keels & Wheels Just a Month Away!

With Wayne Carini, host of "Chasing Classic Cars" as the Grand Marshall, the 2014 Keels & Wheels event will be filled with excitement, from the beauty of antique and classic mahogany boats to the glamour of exotic automobiles displayed on the expansive lawn of the Lakewood Yacht Club.

The WBA will participate again this year. There's still time to be a part of this important event. We have specific needs for help. Please give these opportunities serious consideration:

1. Launch Crew: Join fellow WBA members to help K&W participants launch their boats at the Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook. Requires arrival late Thursday, May 1. The WBA's support of this event results in a nice donation from the SW chapter of the ACBS, so this effort is not only fun and useful, it's an important part of our financial success.

2. Towing the Club's Yellow Jacket boat to the show: Our Yellow Jacket needs a ride to Seabrook! Registration costs will be taken care of...all you need to do is pick up the boat and tow it to the show, then bring it back. Contact David Kanally at 940-395-2742 for details.



3. Showing your boat. If you have a boat project nearing completion, or if you've always wanted to show your boat at Keels & Wheels, now's the time. Entry forms are available on the K&W web site at .

Let's work together to be sure that the WBA provides great support to Keels & Wheels this year. Become a part of it today!

A Few In Deep Doo-Doo With Dues Due.

Our treasurer, John Parish, reports that while a large majority of WBA members have renewed their membership by paying 2014 dues, there are still a number who have not ponied up.

If you haven't paid your 2014 dues, please do so today by sending a check to John Parish, WBA Treasurer, 4415 Rosser Sq., Dallas, TX 75244. Your dues make our club's many resources and activities possible. Thanks!

WBA To Restore Noah's Ark!


Troy Marshall and Robin McGeorge (see photo at left) are undertaking the largest project of their impressive careers, the restoration of Noah's Ark. At 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height, the craft will not fit in the Lucas shop, which is only a few dozen square cubits in size, as you know. Marshall said, "We're going to need the large size CPES kit." The Ark came to rest on Mountains of Ararat, in modern day Armenia. Luckily Jim and Inna Donovan are headed to Inna's native Armenia as a part of a European tour in just a few weeks, so they'll bring the Ark back with them. "We're taking a wide-bodied jet over there," says Jim, "so we'll just have them put it in the cargo hold with the animals." When asked how the restoration would be covered in Bilge Pump, editor David Kanally simply responded, "April Fools!"

Griffitts Shares How-To Videos from Michigan Restorer

As evidenced by the above photos, the conversation was lively and the attendance was good at the March 20th meeting of the WBA. Above, President Jim Wolfe listens intently to Marc Hill's latest news. Attendees share project updates, discuss solutions, and in general, have a good time. You should come to the next meeting, too.


Above, Treasurer John Parish looks at Gregg DeVore's photos prior to the start of dinner. For the program, WBA VP Steve Griffitts shared a couple recently made tutorial videos by Townsend Boatworks, LLC of Fairhaven, MI. The presentation was filled with hints on various aspects of plank cutting, fitting and grooving. Thanks, Steve!

Project Progress All Around!

Above, Ken Mattice draws a tape line to mask off the floor area of the Club's 1951 Yellow Jacket project boat, donated to the club by member Pic Cyr. The floor received a first coat of Sea Green paint and the hull a coat of white paint on Sunday. Follow progress here.

Above, Mark Wilson and Marc Hill collaborate on the fitting of an aft section of rub rail on Wilson's '68 Chris-Craft Grand Prix.


Above, the 16' Chesapeake Light Craft canoe donated to the club by member Dave Parker is nearing completion on its refresh, and will soon go up for sale to a WBA member. If you're interested, contact David Kanally. This will a beautiful canoe for somebody...why not you?

Above, Robin McGeorge (seated) visits with Jim Donovan during a break from inserting some 1800 bungs in the screw holes on the 1936 Chris Craft 19-foot runabout.

Next Regular Meeting April 17, 2014

Don't miss our next regular monthly meeting on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 7 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy at 11637 Webb Chapel Road, just south of Forest Road. WBA Treasurer and benefactor John Parish will be giving away one of his many boating and woodworking related books as a door prize.

As always, we have an interesting program planned, as well as generous helpings of fellowship and Italian food. The meeting will be better if you are there, of course.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation at 5:30 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy prior to the meeting. We encourage you to join us for dinner, so we'll always have the required minimum number of diners to avoid a room charge.

Shop Talk and Musings

During and following our March meeting, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of WBA members who stepped up to support the club. Gregg DeVore has donated a rare sliding top for a Century Resorter. Jim Donovan has pledged any amount over his reserve for his 1953 Dodge M37 military pickup to the Club. And even before that, as you are aware, Pic Cyr donated his '51 Yellow Jacket and Dave Parker donated his 2000 Chesapeake Light Craft canoe to the Club. Mike Gomes has helped bring banquet speakers to town and has supplied generous donations of tools and boat proceeds in years past. What wonderful support we enjoy!

We're a strong organization for several key reasons. 1. We are active with activities and projects. 2. We get together with frequency and build bonds of loyalty, friendship and mutual support. 3. Many of our members go above and beyond the baseline investment of dues to support our club's activities. Long live the WBA!

And, finally: Please take a look in the shed or garage for the leftover parts or other salable items you can donate to the club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact David Kanally at for pickup.