February 16 Meeting to Lay Out 2017 Plans

We have a very exciting year ahead, and it's time to plan the specifics of our 2017 WBA shows and events. Please make a special effort to attend the February 16 meeting of the WBA at Two Guys from Italy (see details and map near the end of this newsletter). We'll be discussing a possible return to Rockwall for the Ride 'n Show, the Fall Festival of Yachting, and other events.


The WBA is your Club, and your ideas are important to make the Club the kind of organization you are proud of. Monthly programs usually include some presentations by members, so if you have a restoration story, a report on a favorite boat manufacturer, or some woodworking, varnishing or painting techniques you think would be of interest to the Club, bring those ideas, too!

Annual Banquet Rings in New Leadership!

The WBA held its annual Officer Installation Banquet at Blue Mesa Grill in Dallas on Saturday, January 21. (Above) attendees enjoy the tasty Mexican buffet. (Below) outgoing president Steve Griffitts and incoming president, David Sheets. Gay Perry returns to her former role as Secretary and Scott Reichardt remains Treasurer.

(Below) Patrice Griffitts recognizes Jim Donovan, David Kanally, Troy Marshall and Robin McGeorge for their work on the 1956 Holiday donated to the Club by Jacob Deegan.


Above, the Blue Mesa Grill provided a private room for the event. Below, Pat Adair, Cheryl Kanally, new vice-president Bill Mott, and Franklin Pillsbury pause for a photo before the dinner began. It's true that the WBA has a good time even if it's too cold to go boating! Special thanks to our officers and to all who volunteer for the WBA's benefit.

(Below) Banquet speaker Paul Pletcher is seen in his natural environment, judging an antique and classic boat show. Paul shared over 400 photos of gorgeous boats with the group.

Chrome and Copper Gleam on Donated Holiday!

(Above) Seb Borrello spiffs up the chrome on the port air scoop using 0000 steel wool. This technique removes any surface oxidation and leaves a beautiful luster on the chrome.

(Below) The exhaust on the Holiday is a beautiful combination of copper and chrome, freshly polished by Jim Donovan. Jim used steel wool on the chrome and copper cleaner on the pipe itself.



(Above) Jim Donovan gives the 0000 steel wool treatment to the bow light. By cleaning the chrome, the guys have brought the hardware back to near-new condition.

(Below) Meanwhile, Robin McGeorge reassembles the water pump on the Chris-Craft 350 V-8 donated to the Club some years ago by Matt Kramer. Both the Holiday and the 350 are for sale to WBA members now. Follow our progress here! Email David Kanally with offers and inquiries.

Next WBA Monthly Meeting February 16, 2017. Planning Session!

boatOur next meeting will be Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy at 11637 Webb Chapel Road, just south of Forest Lane. We'll be continuing our door prize tradition, giving out a classic boating book from collections donated by Pat Baldwin and Bill McNally to a lucky winner.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with fellow WBA members and to talk shop on questions on everything from paint and varnish to carburetor kits. February is our big planning month, when we lay out our calendar for the year and discuss plans for the Ride 'n Show and other events. Please make a special effort to be there. As always, we'll have generous helpings of fellowship and Italian food.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation at 5:30 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy prior to the meeting. We encourage you to join us for dinner, so we'll always have the required minimum number of diners to avoid a room charge.

Shop Talk and Musings

When it came time for the WBA to find an appropriate way to recognize fellow member Jacob Deegan for his donation of the wonderful 1956 Chris-Craft Holiday to the Club, Lew White and Bob Adair came up with just the right solution. They crafted a plaque from a 12" x 14" piece of '50s vintage transom plywood from a Yellow Jacket boat. The plywood is 11-ply marine mahogany, one inch thick. They routed the edges and applied a satin finish to the plaque, then had it laser engraved with the WBA logo and the words "Jacob Deegan-Major Benefactor". The laser work was done by a trophy shop in Plano. The plaque was unveiled at the banquet on January 21, and then sent to Jacob in Houston. Thanks to Lew and Bob for this plaque, and our heartfelt gratitude goes to Jacob for his generous donation, which will assure the financial stability of our Club for years to come.

And finally, please take a look in the shed or garage for leftover parts or other salable items you can donate to the Club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact David Kanally at david@historywithheart.com for pickup.