Including a Club-Wide Project Update!

January, 2021

Christmas Zoom Party: A Virtual Fun Time!

More than 20 WBA members and spouses gathered for the on-line Christmas party on December 17, 2020. Holiday cheer flowed as the group showed off their holiday finest,


including a few colorful sweaters and a couple elf hats.

The photo at left is a composite of the on-line images of the revelers as they appeared on everyone's computer screen. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

Members all shared their plans for the holidays, including small family gatherings for the most part. We were treated by Cindy Chebultz (who stayed up into the middle of the night to be with us) to a live video look at the Christmas lights in Malta, where she was vacationing. Following the Christmas greetings, the group viewed a slide and video show of Christmas parties past, and several fun runs from WBA shows.

January Meeting/Officer Installation to be Held via Zoom, Jan. 21



After a lot of conversation about safety, and in light of the continuing increase in Covid-19 cases, your officers have decided to hold the annual Officer Installation on Zoom this year. The virtual gathering will take place on Thursday, January 21, beginning at 7 p.m.

The WBA Zoom meetings are an enjoyable and safe way to get together virtually during the epidemic, and since most of us are in or close to the vulnerable age group, it's for the best.

Dues paying members of the club will be sent an email invitation for the meeting a few days before the meeting. The photo at left was taken at last year's Officer Installation Banquet. We look forward to our next live gathering sometime in the future. Zoom instructions are found below in separate article.

Project Updates from around the WBA

(Above) Dan Stober's '59 Thompson Offshore is in the water for a late-season cruise following major motor work.

(Below) Paint and varnish are complete on the late Chuck Webb's Hafer being restored by Jim Frechette. The engine has been freshened and is ready to be installed.


(Above) Jay Emerson has been as busy as ever in his Oklahoma shop. Currently he's installing a traditional planked deck on this '66 Century Resorter, replacing the vinyl-covered plywood deck. (Below) Bill Mott, Alan Oppenheimer, Ray Widmer, Robin McGeorge and Seb Borrello continue bottom work on the club Yellow Jacket.

Next WBA Monthly Meeting January 21, 2021. Officers to be Installed!

Our next meeting will be Thursday, January 21, 2021, at 7 p.m. Recent surges in COVID numbers and the likelihood of continued restrictions on indoor gathering sizes compel us to continue our virtual meeting format. The meeting will take place on line, using the Zoom application for your cell phone or your home computer. To make things easier at meeting time, it would be a good idea for you to go to your normal smart phone app store to download Zoom Cloud Meetings, or go to on your home computer and sign up. Prior to the meeting, you will be sent an email with a link to join the meeting, and further instructions. Those who wait to download Zoom will also receive a link to do that just before the meeting starts. If you are among those who need a few attempts to be successful with technology, you may want to get the downloading taken care of ahead of time.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with fellow WBA members and to talk shop on questions on everything from paint and varnish to carburetor kits. This year, our traditional Officer Installation Banquet cannot be held due to persistent COVID numbers. Please join us on Zoom to welcome and recognize our new and returning officers!

Shop Talk and Musings:

The responsibilities of the WBA Presidency are many, and include the duty to introduce the next generation to the antique and classic boating hobby. In their Christmas Facebook post, WBA President and First Lady Scott and Thuy Myers shared a photo of the First Baby, Sam, who is looking pretty content in his new rocking boat.

The fanciful craft was built by none other than our own Jay Emerson, who turned his facility into Santa's workshop for the job.

Sam is reading up on the rules of seamanship as he embarks on his boating career. When weather permits, he'll still accompany his parents on their outings in Ngo Said Yes, the family Gar Wood Ensign. But for now, Sam can use his own boat in any kind of weather.

Speaking of weather, December has been exceptionally beautiful and mild this year, allowing WBA members Phil Wolff, Karl Dietz, Robert Aldrich, Dan Stober, Mark Danielson, Trey Bull, and Steve Seale to enjoy some late-season boating on Texas lakes. Their outings are chronicled on the WBA Facebook page, which you can access here.

And finally, please take a look in the shed or garage for leftover parts or other salable items you can spray with Lysol, then donate to the Club. Contact David Kanally at for more info.