Including Updates from Lucas and Emerson Bay!

January, 2018

Register Today for the Annual Banquet, Jan. 13!

The time is now to register for the Annual Officer Installation Banquet! The banquet will be held Saturday evening at 6 p.m., January 13 at the Brookhaven Country Club, 3333 Golfing Green Drive, Farmers Branch, TX. Cost will be $40 per person. This is your chance to be there for this special evening.. don't delay!


Brookhaven is a new venue for us, so please don't show up at last year's venue! Registration is available on line, with an option to print your registration form and mail a check, or to pay on line via PayPal. Register today, so we can look forward to seeing you this year. On line registration form here.

Christmas Party Warm and Festive!

Our annual Christmas Party was a well-attended and joyous event, hosted by WBA President David Sheets and First Lady Loretta Sheets in their elaborately decorated home in Carrollton.

More than 40 members and guests came out for the festivities. Thanks, David and Loretta!!


With both catered and home-made goodies in abundance, no-one went home hungry. Santa Claus even made a special guest appearance (thank you, Guy McCollum, you jolly old elf, you).

New members and long-term friends mingled well, so the WBA welcomed the holiday season with good cheer!

Project Update from Lucas and Emerson Bay!

(Above, left and right) Robin McGeorge, David Kanally and Stan Lehnhardt have been steadily making progress on Belinda Patterson's Cavalier. The engine is in, with the prop shaft and exhaust all connected. Cables for choke and throttle have been engineered, and the boat is getting closer to being ready for a water test (come back, warm weather!). (Mott photos)



(Below, left and right). When Mark Wilson entrusted the remaining work on the restoration of his '68 Chris-Craft Grand Prix to Jay Emerson, he may not have imagined how beautifully his African teak cabin sole would have turned out. What a breathtaking example of Jay's craftsmanship! Don't be surprised if Mark has a barefoot rule once his boat is complete! (Emerson photos)

WBA Monthly Meetings to Resume on February 15, 2018

boatThe Annual Banquet takes the place of our January meeting each year. So, our next regular meeting will be Thursday, February 15th, 2018 at 7 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy at 11637 Webb Chapel Road, just south of Forest Lane. We'll be continuing our door prize tradition, giving out a classic boating book from collections donated by Pat Baldwin and Troy Marshall to a lucky winner.

Our meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with fellow WBA members and to talk shop on questions on everything from paint and varnish to carburetor kits. As always, we'll have generous helpings of fellowship and Italian food.

Join us for a light meal and moderate libation at 5:30 p.m. at Two Guys from Italy prior to the meeting. We encourage you to join us for dinner, so we'll always have the required minimum number of diners to avoid a room charge.

Shop Talk and Musings: Elf on the Shelf!

Every now and then, one of our members sees an opportunity to help out, and just does it with nobody asking. A few weeks back, Seb Borrello was at the Lucas Shop and noticed that the pile of spare manifolds, fittings, mounts and several hundred additional pounds of cast parts was becoming a real eyesore. It was hard to know what we had and what we didn't...and even harder to get to a part at the bottom of the pile. So Seb took the initiative of acquiring sturdy new shelving units, assembled them, and with the help of Jim Donovan, Bill Mott and other fellow shop elves, placed the heavy parts onto the shelves for easy viewing and selection. What an improvement!! What had affectionately been known as the "junk pile" at the shop is now an organized array of spare parts. Thank you Seb, and your elfen team, for that holiday surprise!

On January 13, 2018, the WBA will hold its annual Officer Installation Banquet at the Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch (note: this is a new venue for us! Don't go to last year's venue, we won't be there!) An evite has been sent. If you didn't get one, let David Sheets know.

Our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018!

And finally, please take a look in the shed or garage for leftover parts or other salable items you can donate to the Club. Bring them to any WBA meeting, or contact David Kanally at for pickup.